Issue #23
December 1, 2021

My take on the intersection of marketing + life

Hi , 👋

The end of the year is a peculiar time for publishing content.

If you create something great and there’s no one there to read it, did it really get published? 😉

To keep it interesting, my clients are writing 2022 industry outlook blogs this month. So, I decided to do the same as well.

Here are my TOP 4 trends for content marketing in 2022:

1.   Social media will continue to level the playing field. The greatest thing about social media is that it allows small businesses to compete head-to-head with the big guys for brand awareness, content visibility and site traffic.

On LinkedIn, your small operation can look big, and your big operation can look small. Followers, likes and content sharing metrics still won’t discriminate based on size in 2022.

Strategy play: Get posting!

Fill in the trust gap with POV content. B2B and B2C consumers are hungry for leadership, and studies show we trust businesses 61% over government officials, journalists and even religious leaders.

Your executive leadership is uniquely positioned to grab that very trust in 2022. How? By creating POV— or point of view — content.

Strategy play: Give your vocal C-suite executive the mic. Let him/her talk about industry trends, business ethics and what it takes to lead in 2022 in thought leadership blogs.

3.   Sort through the noise for your customers. More than 75% of buyers and sellers now prefer digital self-serve and remote engagement over face-to-face interactions, according to McKinsey.

Getting in front of your potential clients with the bespoke, industry-specific content they seek won’t be a luxury in 2022. It’ll be key to your business’ survival.

Strategy play: Spoon feed customers your secret sauce while they’re waiting in line. By time they get to the sales counter, they’ll have already ordered your version online.

4.   Give your content octopus grips. Seeing will be believing in 2022, and if you repurpose your content — and distribute it across multiple channels — you’ll be deemed “the expert” on the topic.

Strategy play: Think about distribution AHEAD of composition. Will this blog or eBook go directly to a customer’s inbox? Appear in their social feed? Publish in a trade magazine? Let its ultimate home inform the writing, the timeline, the angle and the tone.

Thanks for reading to the end. Here’s to a successful December — and an even better 2022! 🥂

All the best,

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