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Issue #40
September 7, 2022

My take on the intersection of marketing + life

Hi 👋
In an Uber to the airport over the holiday weekend, I complimented the driver on his Jeep Wrangler. More small talk led us to common ground, including that we both have 5 kids.

As our talking died down, the music became more audible — and it was raunchy. As if he suddenly heard the lyrics from my ears, the driver switched the track to a beautiful classical medley. When we got to O’Hare, I gave him a sizeable tip.


First, because he has 5 kids too and every dollar helps! But primarily because he got to know me (his customer) and changed his tune to meet my needs.

What’s the soundtrack you’re playing over and over for your customers?

  • Do you talk about their top pain points in every piece of content?
  • Is your content tailored to address these issues thoroughly?
  • Does it also contain practical advice, best practices and tips?
  • Does your content address relevant industry issues with potential solutions?

To answer these questions, first ask yourself: How well do you know your customers, and how can you best target them?

Here's a simple content strategy that if done well ensures your content is music to your customer’s ears:

1.     Get on a call with existing customers and target prospects. Listen to them. What are their key challenges. Consider sending a simple survey (keep it to 3-5 targeted questions with multiple choice answers to make it easy), or jump on a sales call with an account supervisor and their client. Be a fly on the wall and LISTEN!

2.     Based on your findings, create your top “get known” factors. What are the three things your business must be known for to attract your target audience? Think: “We are the D&O insurance experts,” not “Our product does x, y and z.”

3.     Create a content strategy around these factors. Focus on what your reader needs to know in the industry but doesn't yet - aka position your business as the source of information they need. Think of all the entry points in the marketing funnel. Prospects will need high-level, top-of-funnel thought leadership content, expert blogs and how to eBooks. They’ll also seek middle and bottom-of-the-funnel case studies, product content and more. This strategy is the glue that holds your entire content program together. It’s got to work well.

Once you’ve laid the foundation for a strong content strategy, we’ll cue the background tunes. 🎶

All the best,

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