Issue #45
January 4, 2023

My take on the intersection of marketing + life

Hi 👋
We’re all looking for a 2-for-1 these days. Especially since the dollar store went up to $1.25. 😉

If you want to stretch your marketing budget in Q1 or you like the evergreen content you’ve got out there already, fear not. It is possible to breathe new life into something that’s dated.

Here are 3 simple tips, tricks and things you need to consider when updating content in 2023:

1.     When should you update/repurpose? 

        Ask 4 qualifying questions to determine what should be doctored up:

  • Is the blog truly evergreen or topical? QUALIFIER: Only update topical pieces if the industry trend/issue/regulation has changed. Otherwise, focus updating efforts on evergreen content only.
  • Did this piece perform well originally?
  • Has it reached a traffic plateau and requires an update to gain traction?
  • Does it need a complete re-write to apply to 2023, or just some doctoring?

2.     Don’t forget SEO
         Updating content is a key SEO tactic. To get optimal SEO benefits, follow these guidelines:

  • Maintain the same URL for the blog. This ensures all backlinks still apply to the piece.
  • Consider targeting new keywords, as keywords and search volume for the topic may have changed.
  • If you update the keywords, plug in the new keywords into the blog headline, intro paragraph and in as many subheads as possible. And, don’t forget to update the SEO title tag for the blog and its meta description.
  • Update the date. This is what tells the search engines that the content has been refreshed. Missing this step is like getting ready for the party, but forgetting to actually go. Party on.🕺

3.     What needs to be updated?

         Beyond SEO considerations, consider swapping out:

  • Stats. Make them current and post-pandemic. There’s nothing worse than dating your new content with a stat from 2018.
  • Broken links! Enough said.
  • Images/videos. Do they look like they were created in 1990? If so, update them with modern stock or even AI images that illustrate something relevant.

Looking forward to a strong and successful 2023 for all! 🥂

Reply and let me know what you’d like to hear more about in the coming year.

All the best,

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