Issue #4
March 2, 2021

My take on the intersection of marketing + life

Hi friends, 👋

Here’s a question I get often:

Should our business create lots of content (quantity), or focus on fewer pieces of higher caliber (quality)?

The answer lies in how you distribute the content.

Regardless of how much content you produce or how robust it is, the WHO and WHERE you distribute it is key to effectiveness and ROI.

Let me explain.

An insurance company commissioned me to write a blog about compound disasters — or multiple disasters happening at once and how it can affect businesses.

Think: COVID-19 + hurricane, wildfire or Texas snowstorm.

The blog was distributed via their website. Then, the PR requests came rolling in.

We re-wrote part of the blog from the perspective of truckers for more than one trucking magazine, changing it each time to fit a local angle or specific industry, like hospitality fleet. The best practices and risk management advice remained intact.

We re-wrote it again from the perspective of real estate portfolio owners/operators for another three magazines specific to that industry – one for multi-housing owners, another for commercial developers and one more for a national business publication. Again, the best practices and risk management advice remained intact.

The potential to replicate this across industries is endless.

Q: How does this story answer the quantity vs. quality content question?

A: When you create something that’s quality first, there will be many opportunities to distribute it in quantity.

The goal is to replicate this over and over so that you’ve got both quantity and quality happening simultaneously - all the time.

For advice on how to do this, reach out. I’m happy to help!

All the best,
Mindi 😊

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