Issue #22
November 17, 2021

My take on the intersection of marketing + life

Hi , 👋

You all know I’m a sucker for a great stat – or two, or three.

And, that content marketing is my jam.

The MarketingProfs / Content Marketing World / ON24’s 12th annual B2B Content Marketing report combines the two!

Jumping in, here are the report’s key take-aways:

Readers demand better content. We’ve never consumed this much content in our lives — and yet we can’t possibly consume it all! For your stuff to get read, it’s got to be good. As many as 74% of marketers said the value their content provides is the main factor in its success.

The take-away: How do you create valuable content? By personalizing it. Do this by persona, vertical market, brand pillars, value drivers — or any other way your business aligns. Give away your best practices, tips and tricks. Do it all in the name of earning brand trust. That’s a 2 for 1.

2.     In 2022, marketing budgets will increase. To create more valuable content, 66% of marketing budgets will increase next year — 20% of them by more than 9%!
The take-away: As many as 67% of marketing teams were asked to do more this year with the same resources, so teams outsourced to survive. Fully 50% of all marketing teams currently outsource at least some of their content marketing. Of course, larger companies with 1,000+ employees outsource more — to the tune of 75%.

3.     The challenges of creating fit-for-purpose content are great. The top one? Hiring the right contractors.

Marketers that outsource struggle to find partners who:
  • Have the right topical expertise = 65%
  • Understand the audience = 41%
  • Provide adequate strategic advice = 26%
  • Consistently deliver on time = 19%

The take-away: More and more writers and content strategists will continue to niche down and specialize in topics marketers seek. I get it. This has been my #1 competitive advantage for the last 17 years.
4.  It takes a village of content assets to get your message across. Marketers are using a combination of assets to reach their audiences. From short articles (consistently created by 90% of marketers!) to videos, webinars and online events, case studies, infographics, eBooks/white papers — and more.

The take-away: Customers want to read, listen, watch, skim numbers and then, read some more. 2022 will be about combining assets in a customer journey and repurposing content into multiple forms, rather than publishing a one and done blog. (This is by far the most informative page of the study.) 👇
Full link to the results: 12th annual B2B Content Marketing report.

Hope your wheels are turning, friend!

All the best,

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